Cannibalumin-Luminaire by Nima Bavardi

Nima Bavardi Shares The Cannibalumin Luminaire

Nima Bavardi, the author of the award winning project Cannibalumin - Luminaire by Nima Bavardi demonstrates, The particular shape of the annular luminaire is inspired by king snake and the phenomenon of the self-cannibalism; If these snakes get too h <Cropped>

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Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/Vess Backpack Design

The architect of the awarded work Sweater/vess backpack design by Acclaimed Designer says, Unique properties are, the fusion of the sweater backpack. The Gen 2 Swack Fusion pack has newer materials and uses the newest technology. There is only one in <Cropped>

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Wine Labels Design by Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv

Giovanni Murgia-Redfish Adv Shows The Vinicola Cherchi Wine Labels Design

Giovanni Murgia - Redfish Adv, the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning Vinicola Cherchi Wine labels design explicates, For a historic winery in Sardinia, since 1970, it has been designed the restyling of labels for "The Cla <Cropped>

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Sha Yang's Movable Wooden Animals Toy

Sha Yang Shows The Movable Wooden Animals Toy

Sha Yang, the creator of the displayed project Award Winning Movable wooden animals Toy explains, The diversity animal toys are moving with different ways, simple but fun. The abstract animal shapes absorb children to imagine.There are 5 animals in t <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Evgeniy Evdokimov

Evgeniy Evdokimov Spotlights The Beef Zavod Restaurant

Evgeniy Evdokimov, the creative mind behind the displayed design Restaurant: Beef Zavod by Evgeniy Evdokimov points out, The “Inside out” restaurant. Instead of creating a restaurant with a meat processing line, the idea was to create a butcher <Cropped>

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Lab.12 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in An Art Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in an art gallery in milan (italy) and much more..

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Bookshop:mezzi Master Bookshop by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Spotlights The Mezzi Master Bookshop Bookshop

One Plus Partnership Limited, the author of the highlighted project Mezzi Master Bookshop by One Plus Partnership Limited spells out, Mezzi Master is a 4-storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, “staircase”, is a <Cropped>

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Yu Zhao's Daypark Sales and Culture Center Property Office

Yu Zhao Portrays The Daypark Sales and Culture Center Property Office

Yu Zhao, the maker of the awarded design Property Office:DayPark Sales and Culture Center by Yu Zhao spells out, The project located in the heart of Shenzhen Bay is a culture and business center of residential development by Vanke Super Headquarter B <Cropped>

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Giftshop:loja Do Aquario by Kube Arquitetura

Kube Arquitetura Portrays The Loja Do Aquario Giftshop

Kube Arquitetura, the author of the award winning design Loja do AquaRio by Kube Arquitetura demonstrates, AquaRio's gift shop has 420sqm and was designed by Kube Arquitetura. It's a walkthrough store. Its main displays were inspired by t <Cropped>

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Wood Fired Oven:aemyrie Igneum by Aemyrie Limited

Aemyrie Limited Reveals The Aemyrie Igneum Wood Fired Oven

Aemyrie Limited, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Wood Fired Oven:Aemyrie Igneum by Aemyrie Limited explicates, With unmistakeable design lines, the iconic Aemyrie Igneum invokes an affinity to the classic boat-tail cars from the 1920’ <Cropped>

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